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Daily N Durance draws its formidable powers from Red Spinach (Amaranthus), one of the highest dietary sources of nitrates which are vasodilators. Vasodilators widen (dilate) the blood vessels, improving blood flow and allowing more oxygen-rich blood to reach the heart muscle. Nitrates also relax the veins to ease the workload on the heart when blood is returning to the heart from the arms and legs. These nitrates help my body boost blood circulation, reduce fatigue and improve cardiovascular function. They also increase my stamina so that I can exercise for longer and with more power!


• Daily N Durance acts by enhancing the formation of nitric oxide, reducing the degradation of nitric oxide and preventing the formation of nitrosamines.
• It helps promote vasodilation and has excellent cardio protective properties
• It helps increase endurance by increasing VO2 max production, blood flow and exercise capacity resulting in efficient energy production
• It helps increase vaso dilation with no increase in lactate concentration

Curegarden Daily N Durance 60 capsules

₹995.00 Regular Price
₹879.00Sale Price
Pre-ordered Items are expected to be delivered within the range of 1-3 weeks
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