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Introducing D-Manage: 🌟

Manage your Diabetes with Ease!

Diabetes, a prevalent metabolic disorder, demands effective management for a healthy life. Enter D-Manage, the ultimate solution designed to support your diabetes management journey. 

D-Manage's low glycemic index (GI) value of 36 ensures balanced nutrition and regulated blood glucose levels. What sets D-Manage apart is its protein-based energy source, providing a sustainable alternative to carbohydrate-heavy diets.

Additionally, D-Manage incorporates two powerful ingredients: curcumin, known for promoting pancreatic health, and chromium picolinate, which enhances insulin sensitivity.

By embracing D-Manage, you take charge of your diabetes, supporting optimal health and a balanced lifestyle. 🌱

Say hello to a brighter, healthier future with D-Manage! 💪

Benefits of D-Manage: 🌟
- Provides protein as the major source of Energy.
- Dietary fiber aids in glycemic control; prevents hyper-insulinemia and decreases plasma lipid concentrations.
- Chromium picolinate improves insulin activity and glucose metabolism
- L-Arginine serves as a precursor to alleviate Diabetes-related syndromes.- Carbohydrates present in complex form ensure sustained glucose release.- Curcumin activates pancreatic function.
- Branched Chain Amino Acids aid in insulin secretion.Experience the holistic benefits of D-Manage for effective diabetes management and enhanced well-being! 💪

Directions for Use:Two table spoons (30g) of D-Manage Powder in one glass (200 ml) of Milk or Warm Water and stir well before drinking. 30g + 200ml

D-Manage 500gm Sugar-Free Protein Blends ( Vanilla)

₹610.00 Regular Price
₹539.00Sale Price
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